Santa Catalina Island

Sometimes we have to just splurge and do something touristy!  Santa Catalina Island is definitely on my list of places to visit.  We only had the day but made the most of it.  We caught the Ferry in Long Beach about noon and made the 1 hour ride over to Avalon Bay.

Avalon Bay

Having only the afternoon we decided to rent a golf cart, the main mode of transportation in Avalon Bay.  Everyone is running around in these carts and it is really fun.  They have plenty of power to climb the hills to get the best views of the bay.  We spent about 3 hours touring around before turning the cart in and exploring the little village on foot.

Avalon Bay

William Wrigley, Jr.  an owner of the Chicago Cubs is very important to this little island and so there is a memorial to him high atop the hill overlooking the bay.

The Wrigley Memorial

Wrigley Memorial

The day we were visiting they were having a memorial for a family member so we visited quickly and moved on to other sites on this cute little place.  In town, the houses are very small and very close together but most have great views and the ones that don’t only have to walk out to their street and have a great view down to the bay. 

looking up the valley from the bay

 There is so much to do here on the island; snorkling, boat tours, bus tours, zipline, kayaking, snuba diving, shopping and eating!  We had a wonderful dinner at a charming pub.  Then it was time to get back to the ferry landing to meet  the last ferry of the day back to the mainland.

Catalina Express

End of the day in Avalon Bay

Goodbye Avalon Bay

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