Pizza Arizona Style


The picture does it no justice.  This was an amazing instrument and really fun to watch being played.  The place is called Organ Stop Pizza and we got a private showing in the middle of the afternoon for $7.25 each and that included pizza and salad.  Old people do know how to negotiate a bargain.  It is very similar to a place that was in San Jose years ago, Pizza & Pipes.  The music was pretty amazing.  I kept wondering what Stairway to Heaven would sound like!!!  He did do an amazing job with the Phantom.


Happy Hour Arizona style starts at about 3 pm.  It seems way too early to me but I think Paul is starting to get the hang of this semi-retirement thing, sipping a cocktail at 3:30 pm on a Monday.

One Response to “Pizza Arizona Style”

  1. says:

    Paul looks way too relaxed. I knew he could handle the the
    retirement thing.

    Whose dog, it’s not Duke.