Always something going on

So far we have seen a couple of concerts in town, a boat show and enjoyed working the winery for there Grand Opening.  The boat show was about 30 antique wooden boats that had been either very well kept or refurbished and these boats all looked like they were being used currently, not just for show. 

Antique boats

There are 8 lakes in a chain and you can access all of them without leaving the water – one of them you have to walk but the rest are navigate from a boat.  The most populated one is 4th lake which is the lake where Paul’s family had a resort.  We went there to see the place and it is way different now, not nearly as resort like but still the same great view of the lake.  We stopped into the bar that had our New York Wedding reception and had a drink!  Amazing views.

The view from Daiker's

With all this outdoor adventures we have decided that we need some supplies!

Now that is a great idea!

We didn’t buy it cause it costs $65 bucks but it is a great idea although we all agreed that he would be really slowed down if we start having him carry his own supplies!

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