This is just too Funny!

Last night we attended Judy’s husbands family reunion and what a great time!  They fed us a great meal, lots of beer and wine and then homemade apple pie!  Not only was the food great but everyone treated us just like family and then they had the family talent show!  The talent was awesome, the showed opened with a just 10 year old cousin singing the Star Spangled Banner that could easily compete with those stars that sing the anthem at the Super Bowl!  Wow, her parents are definitely in for an expensive college career – she is talking Julliard!  The following acts were pretty entertaining with a magician that entertained us with his slight of hand and then a mento’s explosion of Diet Coke!  They had lion tamers, mussle builders, rocking babies, poets, and a granny that had a hidden life of poetry in the 60’s in New York City – very funny stuff.  My favorites were both acts that the nephews were in, The Constipated Caterpillar and the Blues Brothers!

A Very Constipated Catapillar

David and Ethan are the middle humps of the caterpillar and this was such an entertaining skit!  See the basket ball? yep, it comes out in the end after a little lesson about fiber!  Where do people come up with this stuff?

Jake & Elwood

and they danced!

They were so cute!  They lip synced but the moves were so cool!  I thought I was really seeing Jake & Elwood in Concert!

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