Day Tripping into South Carolina

Having not sat in the passenger seat  for 2 whole days, I needed to get out and explore!  We drove 100 miles today to see a beautiful college town (Clemson University), get a Starbucks and laiz on a grassy beach near the lake!  Life is good.

We really ate here

Another find, Long Creek, South Carolina where the only thing it appears here is a diner, “2 Redneck Chiks”.  Paul makes the quick decision that this is where we will eat dinner!  This was definitely a must stop, the owners were so proud of their place and there little spot of paradise that it was infectious!  Dinner was like eating with your family, they never stopped talking and bragging about their place!  Very cool.  We arrived about 6:30 pm and the special was Turkey dinner with fixins’.  Sounds good, the bad news was the husband had just eaten the last of the gravy and the cranberry salad!  Turkey dinner without gravy?  Well they never offered a menu so part of a Turkey Dinner is what we had for dinner!  The stuffing was great (would have been better with gravy!).  She did make a sweet potato casserole that tasted more like dessert but dessert was peach cobbler.  The best part of dinner was she said I could have her recipes since we are not local. Guess she was concerned about competition!   When she returned from the kitchen with her recipe it was hand written and stuffed into a small 3 ring cookbook just like anyone else would have in their kitchen.  Who knows if I will ever make it but I will definitely add it to my book.  This is the stuff that makes me laugh when we are traveling, ordinary people doing ordinary things 3,000 miles away from each other and all thinking they are doing something special!  They are!

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