Things you see on the highway

With 2000 miles between us and Mesa Arizona we have seen a lot of the US highway system.  We have been trying to stay off the interstate until somewhere in Texas it got so boring we decided the interstate could be no worse and we were right!

On interstate 10 somewhere in the middle of Texas out of nowhere a swarm of bees decided that they could withstand a blow to our windshield and at least a 1000 bees met there maker on our windshield, for a few it was a slow painful death, others it was instant.  From inside the RV at 60 miles per hour it was loud and looked like someone was throwing mud at us from thin air.  At our next fuel stop we were scraping bee juice off the front end.  Now that is not something I have ever seen or heard of but it was exciting and made my heart skip a beat as it was happening.

We have been on the move for over 2 weeks now and we are ready to sit for a few days so we arrived at a nice State Park in Georgia today and will stay at least 3 days before moving to North Carolina for the weekend.

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