Things you just won’t see everywhere

Drive up liquor stores and guns is just something that does not seem natural for this California girl but here in Texas no one seems to think that is odd.  They do ask that you unload your weapon before entering the local liquor stores but if you drive up,  I don’t think that applies.

One stop shopping

 I guess you can pick up your Bourbon and get your shells and be on your way to the range! 

The other part of this issue is I have never seen so many churches.  They are everywhere.  We stayed in this little town of Schulenburg which is right off the interstate between San Antonio and Houston.  It is a German settlement from the 1800’s and their tourist attraction is the Painted Churches.  They have a route that shows off 4-5 Catholic Churches within a 10 mile radius that were built when they settled and they made good use of paint opposed to marble.  Inside these churches is beautiful and very ornate however there is no marble!  The ceilings are hand painted as well as lots of detailed painting along the walls.  They even add detail painting to the stained glass window panes. It all looks very beautiful and a bit overwhelming when you first enter.  The churches are pretty small and probably seat about 100 not including the balcony where the choir would sit.  There are several other Catholic Churches in the same area but are newer and not part of this tour along with churches of every other denomination.  I think there are about 30 churches in this small town and it’s outlying area and there just are not that many people.

High Hill Catholic Church


Ammannsville Catholic Church

Along side Ammannsville Church

Most of the churches have cemeteries attached.  I just thought the view of the hillside near this one was amazing, complete with a small lake.   Walking around the outside we could see many headstones and these people live very long lives and most of the plots had flowers so I am assuming that many families live here for generations.

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  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Texas is amazing with all those churches…. one on every corner it seems. When we moved to Texas, the first question the real estate person said was”which church do you belong to”… we thought… we are in trouble now.