Since Paul and I have shared our desire to become fulltime RV’ers we get a lot of concerned questions from most everyone so I thought I would share our answers.

1.  Are you sure you can live together in that “little” space 24/7?  No we are not sure although we are just as sure about this as we are about living together for the next 40 years!

2.  Why sell your home? Don’t you want a home base?  Our house is in San Jose and yes we are planning to sell it as well as most of our belonging before we head out to see America.  Our home is where we share our life together and where we can enjoy our children and their children.  We will always have a home it will just be on wheels and not always have an address but we will always have a phone and an email address!  Call or write.

3.  What will you do?  This is the easiest question.  We will read books, watch tv, play cards, take Duke (the dog) for walks, clean house (not too much!) square dance, golf,  talk to the girls, work.  All the same things we do now only the scenery will be amazing.

4.  How can you  retire when your kids are not even out of college yet?  We are waiting for Amy to graduate for that reason.  It is going to be expensive financially so Paul is going to continue to work.  He works mostly on the internet now and we see great potential to him being able to move about the USA and see even  more RV dealers.  At some point we both are interested in fun jobs and hope we can land jobs at Disneyworld one year.  Other than that we are going to live off our retirement money.

5.  Where will your girls live if you sell your house?  The only one really concerned about this right now is Amy.  Amy has a really bright future and we are sure she will find plenty of choices after graduation.  We will cross this bridge in June of 2009.  Stephanie never worries about the future so she is all set.

6.  What if you don’t like it?  We find a nice place to park the RV, find jobs and get back to the “real” world!  Pray this doesn’t happen cause I will be bummed


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    Love it!
    God Speed and enjoy the ride!

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