Golfing in Parker (or somewhere)!

Today was suppose to be some really good golf really cheap.  It was cheap, good we will never know as we never made it to the course!  There are 5 of us and we left the camping area about 10 am heading to Parker where there was suppose to be this really nice county golf course along the Colorado river.  Paul had looked it up on the internet; one of the other guys called and spoke to them but when we got to Parker no one had ever heard of the place!  Well finally, I say finally as I was with 4 men and of course no one is going to get directions!  Anyway, finally we called the place and it wasn’t in Parker it was in some other town about forty miles away.  It was so windy in Parker that we decided not to go the extra distance and I will get to golf on Thursday in Blythe, CA.  I will make the tee time so I know we will be going and I will have directions!!!!

It was too early for lunch so we got to see a little of Parker AZ and then we went to the local Indian Casino, Blue Water.  It looked like most of the ones we have seen before however they have huge windows looking out on the Colorado River with hundreds of slips for boats to park and come on in.  Inside they have a huge swimming area right off the casino in this window area complete with a water slide and hot tub.  

Looking down at the pool, fountain area from the casino floor

Here is the water slide and the fountain area

This duck was the only thing we saw swimming in the Colorado River.  The water looked inviting but it was probably only 60 degrees outside today.

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    You’re doing great… maybe there’s a book deal in this!