Thursday I left Paul & Duke at home and went to San Jose to spend some time with the girls.  They both are working and have very busy social lives so it reminded me of old times and we just take whatever moments we can when we can.  Schedules suck! 

Thursday I spent some time with Amy looking at apartments so she can find a place to live, finally!  There are some really nice apartments in Mountain View and expensive! 

Amy, Stephanie & Emily (Annie’s daughter) all went out to dinner with me.   The girls are really fun to hang out with although after dinner I was ready for a nap and that is when they are all ready to go out and Party!  The nap won!

Friday was a day for me to get to do some shopping in San Jose while the girls worked.  Everything was going great.  I had a list and I was starting down it quite nicely when I tried to purchase a pair of shorts in Macy’s and realized I no longer had my wallet!  PANIC!  I retraced my steps to each store, dressing room leaving my name and number!  I knew I had left it in a shopping cart near Costco – not good!  I left the mall and drove to the store I had been in, went up to the cashier and asked “Where is lost & found?”  Cashier asks “what did you lose?”  Yep, they had my wallet!  Yeah!  Nothing missing.  Very lucky day however I didn’t feel lucky and decided the list could wait I needed to relax!

That is the best part about this new lifestyle I am having, I am not learning  to let the small stuff gather but I am learning to take the time to relax after and I think that is progress.

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