The Delta

Lifestyles are hard to break.  We have settled in here at Sugar Barge RV Resort and not thinking about cool stuff again, hence no photos!  I need to start carrying the camera again or you are all going to get bored!  The Delta is not known as an AHHHH but there are some cool things that go on in the Delta so I will get better and post some photos soon. I promise.

I worked my volunteer hours as did Paul. He is definitely the one working hard this time. The hardest part of my job is figuring out if I have written each task down the correct number of times!

We had friends visit on Wednesday and we rented a patio boat and went out for a 3 hour cruise.  No one was out on the water so it was very relaxing.  We stopped for me to swim and then stopped at a small beach so Duke could relieve himself.  Wait, that was Paul!  The exciting part is the Delta is made up of many different paths and it is easy to get lost.  We didn’t as we didn’t travel far and we could mostly see where we needed to go to get back but sometimes seeing is not all there is to a trip.  We had a hard time finding just the right combination of tulies to get around to get into the slough that we needed to return to the docks.  We ended up going through an area that I am sure we were not suppose to as there was so much seaweed growing that the prop was in a complete tangle and we had to manuever forward and back to remove it – The next choice was for someone to get down in back and remove it – Yuck!  We made it home safely and no rescues had to be sent out!

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