Vacation week

Sequim, Washington Such a fun spot

We arrived to our spot on the Bay right outside of Sequim Washington and it could not have met our needs better; A restaurant, bar right across the street, the bay with a beach Teddy can run on and only a couple miles from Pickleball, coffee, and shopping. The Olympic National Park is right here also.

John Wayne Marina

The RV Park is across the street from the Marina and there is a very nice walk along the docks with a beach for beachcombing. Teddy loved being able to run on the beach and get his toes wet!

We took a drive up to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park on Saturday. It was beautiful and a little crowded but we were able to see what we wanted. As we were driving up the mountain there was lots of fog hiding the valley views

The fog is burning off as we reached the top
The view from Hurricane Ridge Parking area

We had a very nice lunch with this view and then took a short walk. We don’t get to hike much as I just can’t yet and we can’t bring Teddy – he has to wait in the car

Port Townsend is only about 20 miles away. We have been there and spent a night once. It is a very cute, hippy sort of town. We took a drive there and enjoy the views

Teddy and some new friends
Looking out at the bay
The Ferry from Port Townsen/d takes you to Coupeville, WA

Coupeville is on Whidbey Island where we will be going next.

People watching in Port Townsend

Sequim is known for its Lavender Farms which were started in the 90’s and now is known as the Lavender capitol of North America. They only get about 16″ of rainfall per year but because of the Mountains and the Strait of San Juan de Fuca they get a lot of humidity that helps with keeping there forest areas growing.

Lavender Farm

The farms are not large and they all have a gift shop. They make lots of oils and fragrances along with the t-shirts and expensive gift items. We missed harvest time but then there were no crowds. I bought some lemon shortbread cookies that had lavender. The taste was really good but they smelled like soap.

lots of flowers grow well here

Dungeness spit and National Wildlife Reserve is the other attraction in Sequim. Sequim is known for Crab and we see lots of crab nets. The spit is a 5 mile sand bar that leads out to a lighthouse which we did not get to visit. The only way out is to walk on the beach, preferably at low tide or take a private boat. From the Wildlife Reserve it is a 1/2 mile walk through the forest to get to the spit and then it’s 5 miles out! We may have walked a 1/2 mile on the beach but mostly just went out to hang out!

Paul walking on the driftwood
follow the beach for 5 miles and there is a lighthouse at the end
That’s the lighthouse

You can actually stay in the lighthouse and then they will bring you out. Paul’s sister Cindy did this a while ago!

We have been busy while we have been in Sequim. This was the perfect place to come.

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