Had a “little” rain last night

Mandeville is just above Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.  New Orleans is just south of us if you could swim.  We are staying in a very nice state park that is about 25% full.  We have been here a couple times before.  The location is great.  We arrived yesterday about 5:30, took a nice walk to the beach and returned about 6:30.  Within about 5 minutes of returning the sky opened  up and let the storm commence.  We had buckets of rain, thunder and lightening most of the night.  It finally let up about 8:30 this am. 



We were lucky, our RV pad is raised up, we couldn’t get to our picnic table; Some people did not do as well.  Teddy and I took a walk and several of the RV’s could not get out their doors.  The water started to recede about 10 so not so bad.  I look all around the park and all I think is the mosquitos are going to be partying soon.

The trees are beautiful with all the moss hanging down.

It looks like a scene from a movie.  And it just so happens that they are filming a movie right here in the park.  The only sign of anything happening is a little tent set up at the entrance to the Day Use area that a girls is checking cast and crew in.  She wouldn’t tell me the name of the film; maybe its a current series?

Its very quiet here and tomorrow we head to Mississippi where we will spend about a week just relaxing and enjoying some seafood I hope!


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