Dingle Way Day 5, 6 Change of plans

We were hoping to ride with our luggage and do another backwards walk but I have a tummy ache and didn’t get much sleep and our luggage driver can’t take us till noon!  Guess we will get two days off.  I’m thinking that’s a great idea.

So we move with our luggage to Ballyfreitter and along the way our driver tells us that StarWars movie was filmed on the hill above our B&B.  That’s pretty cool. So when we arrive, Cindy says she wants to walk to the top.  I tried to go with her but a nap was calling so I stayed warm while she walked to the top.  I saw pictures. It’s beautiful.

Note:  Hiking alone is not a good idea.  She made it back but she ducked under a string and got a shock.  The farmers like to keep their sheep in their fields so they have electric fences everywhere.  I had seen them, knew what they were and stayed very far away. Cindy didn’t know that those little thing strings are actually very strong electric wires.  Ouch.

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