Dingle Way Day 4, Walking backwards

Today was supposed to be a day of rest and Pub crawling BUT….  Ophelia is coming!  So Cindy talks to the Innkeeper and he gives a ride to a vista point between Sleahead and Dunquin and we can do tomorrows walk backwards!  Yeah!

Dunquin! Ok that’s pretty amazing

But then he drives off!  We are about 18 miles from Dingle and that is where my suitcase will be spending the night.  Ok then!  Looking for the little man

These are our markers

We find the marker right across the road and immediately we have to cross a stile.

This one is pretty fancy.

We climb over and head up the trail, soon we are looking for our next marker because the trail disappears which has happened as we are on a mountain in a goat field!  Cindy reaches into her pocket and only has instructions to yesterday’s B&B!  Great!  So what do we do now?

Ok that’s pretty amazing so we continue along the rock wall keeping the ocean in sight.  We had just drove up the coast so we knew that was where we needed to be.

Goats everywhere

The day was beautiful and the mountain wasn’t too wet so everything is good. Cindy is forging the way and I’m blindly following with a few “I don’t see the yellow walking man!”  Every time I say it he shows up.  It’s amazing we never see anyone on the trail but there is always a slight impression that someone was just here.  Today was our first time passing someone, a large group going the right direction!

Not moving!!!!

They were laying right where I thought the path should be and it was way dryer than Cindy’s chosen path but these guys just stayed there so I had to follow my leader!  What’s a little more gunk on the feet?

We pass a farm below where the farmer and his herding dog were giving a demo to a tourist bus.  The dog was running so fast and barking.  I think it was his passion.  The sheep seemed annoyed cause he kept moving them to the fence and then away.

Then we come to a very nice waterfall and the little man marker is right there on the other side!  Yep, we crawled across the rocks, they were huge with big gaps and lots of fast moving water. And, yes the boots got the muck washed away!  Cold feet though.

Finally we come close to the road and the ocean. Today’s walk promised walking on the beach but the beach was way down there. So we walked and followed the markers across the road and down a dirt path. Remember yesterday it rained?  The trail was for ATV use and they love mud.

This is what parts of it looked like

This is what boots look like after walking for only a few minutes on the trails

We finally found the beach and walked for an eternity.  We have about 7 miles to home.  The next town is only a mile away.  We could call a taxi. Nope! We came to walk and walk we did.

Ophilia isn’t due until Monday so we will be walking tomorrow🙃



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