Bar Harbor

One more tent assembly, mattress blow up and we are settled in for 3 nights in the Blackwoods campground in Acadia National Park.  Beautiful park and our site is perfect.  Like true campers we build a big fire and roast sausage for dinner.  That’s another thing about this RV, we are not carrying many luxuries so Paul found a basket contraption at our last site that you can put things into so you can cook over the open fire.  Works beautifully, so beautifully we get Steak for the next night!

Then what else do campers do,  s’mores!

That night was interesting!  We had a huge thunderstorm.  I was sure we were going to have Stephanie inside, drenched!  But her tent held up.  Our biggest problem was Duke,  he is so freaked by thunder.  He was climbing on my head.  Several days later we found some calming treats and so far I think they are really working!

We did lots of hiking in the park.  I’m trying to get up to speed for my Ireland trip where I will be hiking over 100 miles in 8 days.  The hikes here were pretty rugged so we only got one 8 mile one and one 6 mile.  Duke came along for both.  The second one Paul had to carry him for part.  I think it was the gravel roadway because as soon as we took a detour onto a real trail he was climbing better than me!


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