Home Sweet Home

We arrived in Morgan Hill just as the fire in Loma Prieta was peaking.  Lots of smoke and grey skies.  The Thousand Trails Park was open so we went for it.  It turned out that the fire was receeding and the smoke actually cleared up quite quickly.

We are home for a couple of weddings but before the weddings we got out and got some exercise.  A 10K run for me and Stephanie was planned for Sunday as well as Amy doing a 1/2 marathon.  We have been training for this since June when I was just starting to recooperate.  I was able to walk about a mile in 25 minutes on June 1.  The Monday before the race I did 5 miles in 1 hour.  The week before Stephanie and I both did a 10k on our own in about 83 minutes.  So I was excited but just as I finished my 5 miles on Monday my body decided it would ache.  I didn’t get to do my 10k on Sunday and neither did Amy as she pulled a groin muscle doing a 12 mile run 2 weeks before.

The good news is Stephanie got to do it and Amy and I showed up for moral support and actually walked about 2 miles (to mile marker 1 and back to the start finish line!)  Paul ran with Stephanie and enjoyed the adventure.

81 minutes!  Great run Paul and Stephanie

81 minutes! Great run Paul and Stephanie

I’ve decided that I will get back up to walk/run 6+ miles but will probably not sign up for an official run because I did it, I just didn’t do it the day of.  I did get the t-shirt and I will wear it proudly.

After the race we all went to dinner at The Cats Restaurant just outside of Los Gatos.  Celebrating Pauls 60th birthday which is Monday Oct. 3.  The Cats has always been something Paul and I have wanted to do but never have.  The food was good.  Not our favorite but sometimes just getting to go somewhere you have always thought about is worth it.

We were coming into San Jose for wedding’s the following weekend.  Not one, but two on the same day for two special girls in our lives so we had to find a way to see both even though they were 50 miles apart!

Audra and Alex Owens

Audra and Alex Owens

Stephanie is Audra’s best friend and was in the wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding at Sanborn Park in Saratoga in a redwood grove.  Paul and I helped Amy & Nick set up all the decorations (besides flowers!) in the am.  The wedding was beautiful and we left at 3 pm right after lunch so that we could be in Livermore by 4:30pm for Cassie’s day.

Cassie and Nick Spran

Cassie and Nick Stran

Another beautiful wedding at BoaVentura Winery in Livermore Valley.  Cassie is our God Daughter and LuAnne (mom) have been friends from way before Husbands and Kids!

It was a long, beautiful day and we relaxed on Sunday because we will be heading to Texas on Monday!

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