Another trip home, moving to the beach

I made another trip  home for Stephanie’s best friends bridal shower.  It was beautiful and I had a wonderful time helping put it together.  Then back to Portland and then a move west.  We are in Tillamook Oregon.  The weather is pretty nice and we took a walk on the beach near Oceanside.  The tide was low and the birds were enjoying the sunshine.



We arrived quite early to watch the sunset. (Paul is only good for about an hour in the sand!)  The above photo was taken about 2 hours before sunset but the sun was so brite on the water that I got this fun shot.


That was yesterday!  Today we went to Cape Lookout which is only a few miles south of Oceanside.  What a difference a day makes.  Today was all about the fog!

Cape Lookout SP

                                   Cape Lookout SP

It was a wet, misty, damp, windy day.  Not good for whale watching which is part of the reason to hike the 2.4 miles to the point but it was still beautiful.  We did see plenty of the banana slug



The trail was a mess.  We did a lot of jumping over puddles and tree roots.  It was an exciting hike through the trees and sometimes you were right at the cliffs edge.  The best part about the fog was you did not get warm.  A beautiful day for a hike in the woods.



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