Really big peaks

Mt. Rainer,  a beautiful day and I’m back in Washington.  Paul moved south of Seattle while I was visiting San Jose.  It is like aiming at a moving target when I need to buy a ticket and fly home.  The trip home was great and Paul enjoyed his bachelor time I am sure.  At least the house looked good when I got back.

Mt. Rainer

I returned to Washington and we had a beautiful day so why not take a hike.  We actually didn’t really hike because we brought Duke along and you can’t take dogs on any trails in the National Parks.  It was a free day so we figured it would be too crowded to really hike and we were right.



We did get to see the mountain and it was beautiful.

pauldukeWhat is it they say, “pets start looking like their owners? or is it owners start looking like their pet?”

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