Our time in Puget Sound

We are parked in LaConner, WA which is right on Puget Sound.  It is beautiful here and we are getting perfect weather.  We arrived back in Seattle on Friday and brought Amy & Nick with us to his dads house in Mt. Vernon which is very close to LaConner.  Before we could get them home we had to stop in Byer and pick Duke up from the dog sitter.  Duke was over joyed to see us but quickly went to whoever would throw the ball, of course!  Loyalty always.  We arrived at Nick’s Dads home and enjoyed there beautiful patio for a light lunch!  complete with a delicious dessert.  The calories never end.  We finally made it home about 2 pm and I promptly headed for the bed.  I slept for about 2 hours, got up, sat in the chair and headed back to bed before 6:30 waking up at 7:30 am Saturday morning.  I was beat and felt like I was getting a cold.  The good news is by Sunday I was feeling fine and we took a drive out to Whidbey Island to visit a nephew who is stationed at the Naval Base on the island.  It was beautiful.  We saw a boat race and then we headed to Deception Pass State Park where the views of Puget Sound are spectacular.


A boat joy riding through the sound.  These guys were definitely feeling good, loud music, lots of howls and even a wave.


Just before sunset and a snapped this shot.  The picture is way cooler than the actual sunset which it is usually the other way around.


Puget Sound, looking toward Mt. Baker


Deception Pass Bridge.  The boat above was passing under this bridge when I took the photo.  That’s not our RV, it just happened to be crossing and I thought it would be fun to photograph.

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