We made it!

We left June 1 heading to Colorado for a wedding on July 10 and then heading back to Washington by Aug 1.  We did it.  We arrived in LaConner WA at the Thousand Trails Campground where we will be staying for the next 3 weeks.

The weather here is very mild. Two days ago we were in Cashmere WA and it was 109 at 6 pm. Today it might get up to the mid 70’s.

When we left we had two blankets on the bed and very soon we had to remove one.  When we got to the Rocky Mountains we had to add the blanket and the Down comforter.  By the time we left Estes Park we were back to only the two blankets but soon I removed one of the blankets.  Last night I had to pull the down comforter onto the bed and this am I had to start the fireplace to get some heat.

It is like we have had summer and it is gone!  When we head south in 3 weeks we will be back to summer.  Next week we will be in Alaska!  I have my parka packed!

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