That’s exciting

When ever you see cars parked where they shouldn’t be you know you are going to get to see some kind of wildlife.  Today we saw this cute bear eating the grass along side of the pond!  He was only about 30 feet away but there was a pond between us and a lot of people that I was sure I could outrun!

After the bear we made our way to the Stringlake trailhead and headed out to Jenny lake.  We wanted to finish the hike that we got stormed out of!  The river from String Lake into Jenny Lake is beautiful. We hiked the back side of Jenny Lake and met up with the boat for a short ride across the lake.  This was the only opportunity we had to get onto the lakes.  It has been cold so water time was not part of the plan this time.  The boat ride gave us another great look at the Tetons.


Once we rode the boat across the lake we found the rest of the trail and headed up the east side towards our car.  It would be about 3.5 miles back and about a mile in we pass a group that was coming from the other way (or so we thought)  Actually they were returning after meeting up with some people at a roadside turn out.  The people had spotted a bear and said he was acting irratically and wandering from the road to the water.  The trail runs between the two!  Yikes!  Paul was not fazed!  He said we will be fine, the bear is probably long gone, and besides that is where our car is!  No hitch hiking today!  We continue and it is a beautiful trail with no one anywhere.  But then we are relaxing, enjoying our snack and here comes another group and they share the same info!  By now I’m sure the bear is way gone also.  We said thanks for the information and continued to enjoy nature.  The lake is so quiet.

Once we finished our snack, we continued towards our car (and the bear!)  We came upon the turnout from the road and there we many people there so I’m sure the bear is nowhere near.  Their was a ranger and Paul asked him.  His response was “there are bears everywhere! Use caution and be aware of your surroundings”  Well ok then.  We will keep doing what we are doing!


My favorite view of the Tetons is the small river on the way back to our campsite with the Tetons in the background.

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