Another long hike

Todays hike was about 6 miles from the Taggart Lake Trailhead.


As we headed up the trail we passed the trail horses.  I thought this was fun.  The cowboy has a long stick with some fabric on the end which he was using to control the horse. To me it looked like the horse was teasing the cowboy into thinking he was incharge!

We passed Taggart lake on the Eastern side and continued to Bradley Lake where we sat and enjoyed our snack(lunch).  While there two guys that were there as part of a geological class.  They had a radio and there fellow surveyors were telling them of a bear on the trail on the other side of the lake.  I made sure where they saw the bear and we were heading the other way, yeah!!!


Taggart Lake, a small lake that was pristine.  Very enjoyable day


We passed a few streams and this one was one of the biggest ones.


We didn’t see any bears but we did see this bird that was pretty far off the trail in the woods but he wanted us to know he was there by the sound of his ruffling feathers.  We are definitly enjoying the Tetons.  Lots of beauty, wildlife and exercise!

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