On our way!

We left San Jose about 1:30 pm and arrived at Jackson Rancheria Casino RV Park in the early evening.  The park is very well kept and we will spend 3 days here just to re-adjust to traveling again!  I had a little problem with all the noises you hear inside the RV going down the road.  Hwy 680 is awful! While in Jackson we will visit our friends, Pat & Kip.  It was great seeing them and of course even better because they fed us for 2 days!

Sunday morning we packed up the RV and headed east on 88 into Nevada.


Hwy88KirkwoodThis was a beautiful rest stop near Kirkwood Resort area.  I am pretty sure they made the rest stop so large so as people would not just pull over on the road.  It was spectacular and we could not pass it up!  There was snow on most of the mountain peaks and along the road near the summit.  We made it to Camp N Town in Carson City Nevada and will spend a couple days here while Paul visits a couple more dealers!  Yeah,  he gets to work and I get to relax without thinking about doctors for awhile!

The RV slide seems to be working, the weather is perfect and my new camera is challenging!  Life is pretty good.

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