Back to Stockton, Waiting!

Well things have been a bit bumpy!  Thursday we returned to Janet and Tony’s for the weekend and just as we were getting comfortable in their guest bed around midnight,  Paul gets a text from the dealership that someone broke into the property and stole our bicycles off the back of our rig!  Are you kidding me?  Both bikes together are worth about $75, and that might be a stretch!  One of them had a flat tire so the theives couldn’t even ride it off the lot!

The good news is I was hoping for a new bike anyway, the bad news is the thief wasn’t so smart and cut our electrical cord to the car thinking that it was the lock to protect the bikes – the cord is new and costs us about $75.  So we need a new cord before we can tow the car, and I need a new bike!  Not really a big deal in the realm of what they could have done in 10 minutes.

Paul wasn’t very happy and wanted to return to the dealership and watch his RV until the parts arrive and they can fix it so we did stay until Saturday but then we went back to the parking lot of a dealer – not ideal, especially since the temps have been in the 100’s this week.  I’m heading to San Jose on Sunday to escape!

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