I told you it is more exciting when we are moving!

As we were readying the RV to pull out of the Elks lodge I noticed our passenger front slide had not gone all the way in!  Really, again?  I went to the panel, sent the slide back out and then retried to bring it in!  There was lots of creaking noises and bumping along the way but it came in so we were off to Stockton where Paul was to work in the morning.  When we arrived in Stockton we noticed that the slide had slipped out slightly in the back corner.  The same place we always have had the trouble, but the slide went out without any problems or noises!  Yeah, not yet!

This morning Paul had a mechanic come out and the slide would not even retract a little bit!  Great!  It is now tipped in the hole and we are talking to Winnebago.

We are out of our home AGAIN!    The parts will be ordered, arrive in a week and then they will replace all the mechanisms for the third time!  And if all goes as the mechanic plans we will be on our way to more adventures.



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