Getting back to writing

The past two months has been lots of excitement but just nothing worthy of blogging.  I was doing the everyday stuff that while it is so exciting to me and very important it just isn’t worthy of writing about.

There were a few highlites …

Stephanie got a new puppy!

Meet Brody.

Meet Brody.

Tucker thinks he is pretty cute until he has to share his bed.

I took some yoga classes!  Oh, and Paul and I have lost a bunch of weight!  We have lost over 100 lbs between us since New Years and I am so excited.  I keep buying clothes and having to send them to goodwill!  I big smile everytime I make that trip.  My bank account isn’t happy but I am!

100 lbs lighter!

100 lbs lighter!

I had lots of opportunities to catch up with friends.

Lots of quiet time with my girls, just hanging out, playing games, shopping and a little eating!

I even made it to the beach once.

It has been a amazing couple of months and now it is time to get back to the adventure.  On our way north!


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