We’re still in Texas

PS:  If you noticed the blog was missing this weekend it was!  Paul had a little internet glitch and I was sure all this was lost in Web land forever!  That was close,  better back up more often.  I wouldn’t want to loose all this valuable information!  Right!

We left my sisters house early on Tuesday and made our way towards Austin and Georgetown where we will be staying at a Winnebago Dealer to get a couple of warrenty issues taken care of.  A nice peacefull night in their lot near the interstate.  The good news is it was so windy that we didn’t want to open the windows so we didn’t here any freeway traffic.

Wednesday I loaded Duke and my ipad and into the dealer we go to sit and wait while they work on our RV.  The plan was it would take a couple of days but we get to stay in our home at night.  They worked on Wednesday and I was out of the dealer by about 2 pm.  Thursday I planned to ride with Paul to dealers located near here so they could have the RV all day.  Everything went as planned until after they fixed the slide that wasn’t going in all the way it decides not to go in again!  The short story is on Friday they tell us it will take almost 2 weeks to get the parts they need and they have to remove the slide so when they fix it we will have to get  motel!  Yuck!  We don’t want to hang here for 2 weeks and wait.  The wind is still blowing like crazy!

After much thought and debate we decide to go ahead and drive the 1000 miles north to the factory and have them fix it.  This will save us over a week and if things don’t go as planned we will be at the factory and they should have any parts or resources to get us going.  This will add about 900 miles to our trip east to North Carolina but we think it will work out better.

Paul already had work lined up for Monday and Tuesday so we spent the weekend here.  Friday afternoon we had severe weather warnings from both the north and south.  We got a little hail and lots of wind but nothing compared to where Paul was at a dealer 12 miles north of here!  He saw golf ball sized hail and it was at least 4-6 inches deep on the sidewalk.

Saturday was a beautiful day so we got out and saw a bit more of Texas.  Georgetown is a cute little community north of Austin.  We took a drive just west of town to Lake Georgetown to do a little walking/hiking.



Interesting lakeshore

Interesting lakeshore

The lake had several boaters on it and lots of kids along the rocky bank who were sunbathing and a few guys were jumping into the lake although they said it was really cold so they were really resting between jumps!

Bluebonnets everywhere

Bluebonnets everywhere

The wildflowers are really starting to bloom.  You see these everywhere along the roads where they have a patch of grass.

We didn’t walk too far as there wasn’t much to see and the sun is pretty hot where there is very little shade.  So off we go to check out the downtown of Georgetown.  Southwestern University is right in the heart of town and we saw lots of students relaxing along the river enjoying the water and sunshine.   First we find the San Gabriel River which runs near downtown and was a very nice place to take a walk.


Lake Georgetown

Anytime we find a town with a river nearby I love to take a walk and find a nice bench to just sit and enjoy.  So does Duke!


We found another Geocache here along the river but the most interesting thing today was a new sport I have not heard of before!

Hang the bobber in the tree!

Hang the bobber in the tree!

We are sitting on a rock and I see this bobber in the tree right infront of us.  There was at least 3 bobbers in this tree.  I guess when you hang your bobber up or see that someone else did you have to try again!

For the first time since we have been here the wind is not blowing us all  around!  But never fear, it only stopped for about 4 hours Saturday evening and Sunday all it did was blow!  This is a very nice part of the country but I couldn’t handle the wind and those weather warnings are crazy!  You watch the tv and wait for it to pass over you and then you carry on with the rest of your day!

So we are off to Dallas on Wednesday and then to Forest City Iowa!  Pray there is good weather for us.

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