Crawfish Season

Crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs,  whatever you call them they come boiled!

Crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs, whatever you call them they come boiled!

Poor little guys!  It’s crawfish season and they are serving up platters of these tasty little guys everywhere in the Houston area this month.  Known as mudbuds and served by the pound at local bars to fine dining spots everyone is eating them.

Boiled with corn and potato!

Boiled with corn and potato!

We had ours at the Kemah Crawfish Festival  where we drank pina colada’s and waited for about 30 minutes to receive our styrofoam container of mudbugs and started the task of removing the “good” part from the rest; you only eat the tail or at least that was all I was eating.  These critters are so small that each crawfish only provides one bit of the tasty meat, hence why you need several pounds per person for a meal!

We are staying in Baytown Texas and moochdocking at my sisters home.  Her driveway is plenty wide enough for our huge new home although getting in under the phone wires and avoiding the drainage ditch out front required both my help and Curtis’ (Karol’s husband) to guide Paul into place.  The wires are raised by two poles on either side of the drive just for us and rise almost 14 feet while our new height is almost 13 feet.  Plenty of room except for the little detail the driveway slopes down into her yard!  The good news is we made it.  Next step is getting out.

Friday night was the crawfish festival and a walk on the Kemah Boardwalk which was full of folks enjoying the warm weather and the end of spring break in Houston.  Paul and I only walked and watched the people scream on the rides!  The highlight after eating crawfish was feeding the catfish!  You put a quarter into a gumball machine and it spits out about 6  pieces of catfood which you toss into the waters and watch hundreds of catfish scramble for a morsel!  We had a great time and spent 25 cents!

Saturday we lunched at the Monument Inn near the San Jacinto Monument, the monument of the battle for Texas independence.  Again I had a crawfish bisque, this time the mudbugs were already cleaned and again quite tasty.  Lunch was another chance we had to meet up with people we would not get to see if not for this crazy life we live.  We met George and Carol.  George is from Pauls years living in Old Forge, NY.  We met George last time we were in the Houston area. George and Carol shared lots of stories and lunch was very nice, overlooking the shipping channel which closed right after our lunch because of a Oil Spill cause by two boats colliding near Texas City .  So close but no idea!

There is no end to the fun we are having, Saturday night Paul talked me into going out and dancing!  Square Dancing that is!  We danced with Bob Baier who we have danced many times in California.  We enjoyed an awesome pizza with Bob and Dena after a great time of dancing.  I am thinking we need to dance more often as it is getting harder to fake it when we go months without dancing!  Paul will like to hear that.

Sunday was stay home and relax day except for a little gardening until it got cold and started to rain.  Crazy weather we are having, Saturday we needed the air conditioner and Sunday evening I turned the heater on!

This week we go to Austin and then to Dallas.

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