Good Morning Monday!

7:30 am we are awakened by a really loud noise followed by an air horn right outside our window!  The good news is it was not our rig that was being tortured, the bad news is a brand new huge 5th wheel and a new owner Motorhome are both going to be spending more time at La Mesa RV for some body work!  The 5th wheel was being newly delivered to the dealership and the driver backed right up into the front of the Motorhome waiting in line to enter service at 8:00 am.  The motorhome was pretty new also.  Both Paul and I had a sick feeling after looking at the damage and thinking how awful it would be to wreck our new home!  I guess that is what the insurance is for.  I hope we don’t need it for a very long time!

We are almost completely moved into the new RV, now I just need to be able to find things.  It looks like everything fit ok, but we don’t have all the extra space we thought we might with a rig that is 5 feet longer!  It is time to purge again.  The Dealer has been great and it looks like all the fixes will be complete today and we can be on our way tomorrow.

Driving this Yacht is going to be pretty scary so we will be sticking with the interstate until we both feel comfortable.  Next stop is Selma, NC!

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