Not with this wife!

Paul has always wanted to go to this place near the Salton Sea called Slab City .  He wanted to go there and spend a winter – are you crazy?   This is dry camping with no services for miles!  I think the closest Walmart is about 90 miles!  You have truck in any extra water,  it is land that has been abandoned by the government and people are living here year round!  I had read about it, heard others talk about it and had no interest in seeing the place and especially going there to stay for any length of time.  My dad suggested we take a drive there on Sunday from their place in Yuma where we have been visiting this pass week.  So we did!

Slab City is located right outside of Niland, CA and upon arriving at the entrance to this little community is the main attraction,  Salvation Mountain.  A mountain that has been created by a man and some helpers out of hay bales and adobe clay and then he paints it!


Salvation Mountain

Salvation Mountain

I forgot!  Just before you arrive at Salvation Mountain is a tiny building and a sign near by stating ” If a car is parked here, do not disturb”  That’s interesting!  No one was there so we stopped and immediately you hear running water.

Slab Shower 1

I had read about the public shower from a spring near by.  I am thinking a spring where you can get into the pool and float around!  Nope,  It is a cement tube pouring into a drainage with a ladder.  The floor is cement,  nature is all around, the water is cold but it is definitely flowing with enough power to get you a shower to rid all the dirt!

Slab showerI didn’t need a shower but I did want to feel the water!   Back to the mountain.

Salvation Mountain

This is crazy!  It is a painted mountain that you can walk on.  There were lots of people here, mostly like us just curious but there were a few that were here for the spiritual experience.  To me it looks like Candyland!

Salvation Mountain 3


He calls the little path on the left the Yellow Brick Road.  Salvation Mountain 1

There are even places for you to walk into.  The mountain has windows to let light into these interior spaces.  Reminds me of the Winchester House,  lots of structures without any end.  Salvatioon Mountain 2                                                                                                           My dad contemplating the art.

Ok,  enough pictures, now on to where Paul thought we could live for a winter.

Slab Community

A desert junkyard where everyone is a collector.  The area had so many RV’s of all sorts parked everywhere.  Many had full yards and some had full yards of stuff!  There are no rules here,  come as you are and live!  Crazy!

Slab community 1It was a great adventure to check it out but Paul is going to have to save this bucket list idea for another wife!




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