Bright Lights, Big Cities

I survived another outing to the desert and dry camping and of course the Super Bowl Party of 4 in the desert!  Yes, we watched the disaster and cried for Peyton although we cheered the very few good plays for either team.  There were  so few!  The commercials were too long for my attention although I enjoyed the short but funny yogurt commercial.  I like a fun commercial and most were just too somber or statement making.   My favorite commercial I have to say was the pistachio two part!  I love creative graphics and color.  I missed the late one for Budweiser and the puppy  as by that time my attention span for lousy football had expired, but saw it later- very cute.

We arrived in Burbank Monday afternoon and Tuesday was spent wiping away all the dust from our adventure!  And now we will enjoy a week of the big city!  I admit walking in beautiful nature and spending time without the lights and noise of the city is pretty awesome, but if you slow down and really look around the big city is pretty special too.   We are staying at an Elks Lodge right next to the Bob Hope Airport, Burbank CA.  I can see the bellies of the planes as they lift off as well as the Metro Train passing on the tracks within walking distance of our RV.  There is lots of traffic, shopping and noise, not much nature but I did find some interesting things on my walk.  Duke and I usually take a walk each day and in the city we look for a park where he can explore each and every bush, tree or trash can.  On today’s walk we found a Costume factory, a National Guard Station, a park and a shrine!  The Portal of the Folded Wing sits near the airport in a cemetary and is a monument to aviation.

Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine to aviation, Burbank, CA

Portal of the Folded Wing Shrine to aviation, Burbank, CA

The shrine is constructed of marble, mosaic, and sculpted figures. Fifteen pioneers of aviation are buried here.  .I learn something new each day and that is the way I like it!

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