It’s very popular

Sunshine and warm temperature makes for a very nice day to take a hike.  This one turned out to be more of a walk than a hike and was very popular. The Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail is a beautiful walking trail along Lake Mead towards Hoover Dam and is about 3.7 miles one way.

1 of 5 tunnels along the trail

1 of 5 tunnels along the trail


Some have been reinforced

Some have been reinforced

railroad trail2

Over 25 ft wide and 300 ft long

And the views of Lake Mead are spectacular

lakemeadWe walked 2.6 miles to the first stopping point, making it a nice 4.5 mile walk on a beautiful afternoon.  The next day, our last in Las Vegas we headed downtown to check out Fremont Street.  A vibrant mix of Las Vegas Glitz and San Francisco craziness!  We saw characters from disney shows, a guy preaching to us, a woman with huge breasts dressed as a pirate and lots of people walking, enjoying the sites!  They have music stages with one that is dedicated to dance with one lonely girl on stage dancing it up for the audience.  The audience was definitely dancing and some of the moves!!!

Paris?  Might be as close as I will get!

Paris? Might be as close as I will get!

Las Vegas has something for everyone.  We spent the week here and never lost a dime in a machine!  We did pay $2.00 for parking when we didn’t need to – that was our donation to the local economy.

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