Not much of a hike

Red Rock Canyon is west of the Strip and an amazing place to enjoy some fresh air away from the craziness of this city!  We don’t gamble so looking for interesting things to do outside of a casino is our goal this week.  There is a 13 mile scenic loop through this area with lots of opportunities to get out and explore the desert.  We saw lots of rock climbers and chatted with a nice couple that explained how it all works!  While it looks amazing, I don’t think I have ever thought about climbing the face of a rock.

I did think we would get out and do some walking although most trails are pretty busy this week and not well marked so you can just walk in the desert which we try not to do as Duke seems to get stickers every time.  We did find one trail that was part of a creek bed of sorts and walked a short distance up it.


The Red Rocks are very cool.  In this picture in the far distance we could watch the rock climbers through our binoculars.  It seems very tedious but I am sure for a participant it is an amazing experience once you have completed a climb!



The color change of the mountain is beautiful to see.



Another great opportunity to make Duke pose when all he wants to do is pee on the rocks!


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