Happy New Year

We missed ringing in the New Year.  We had great intentions but sometimes habit just overtakes the sense of adventure!  We are in Las Vegas and what a great place to celebrate if you are interested in mingling with 350 thousand new friends.  We did head downtown thinking Fremont street would be less crazy than the strip but then found out you had to buy a pass just to get into the street on New Years Eve to hear several different bands, non of which I have heard of and the music overflowed into the streets.  It was very loud and not much to see from the outside.

We found an amazing place called Oscars Steakhouse in one of the casinos that had no available seating unless you had reservations however in the bar you could order dinner.  They had a couple of guys playing some Jazz and the bar was not too crowded.  Our service was amazing and the food was even more spectacular!  A homerun and we didn’t even know what or where we were dining.

After dinner we ventured into the streets of downtown and wandered through a couple of the casinos, finding one with an amazing outdoor pool area in the courtyard of all the shops and gaming tables, with an aquarium right in the middle of the pool.  And then it was time to decide should we buy the ticket to Fremont Street – probably not, or try to head to the strip – probably not, or go home and watch the festivities on TV – Yep!  We were home by 9 pm, just in time to say Happy New Year New York style!   I was able to watch the festivities on TV until sleep over took me about 11, next thing I know it is 7 am, 2014!

From our family to yours- Here's to 2014!

From our family to yours- Here’s to 2014!

Happy New Years to everyone!

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