It is good to be home

I am truly enjoying being back in San Jose.  Our days are filled with lots of errands and enjoying the kids, our friends and going to familiar places.  Last week we took a ride on Caltrain to San Francisco for lunch on the Embarcadero just because the train depot is close to us in Santa Clara and we love San Francisco.  That same day we attended a Sharks game with Brian & Barb – Go Sharks!  They won 5 to 1!  We had great seats a few rows up from their goal posts!  We even got to see Amy and Nick who had seats in the section above us!

I make dinner for the girls about once a week so that is really fun for me and great for them!

We took a trip to see my family this past weekend.  Amy and Nick went with us and enjoyed riding on my dads new 4-wheel vehicle.   My brother is doing so good even though he started radiation last week.  I went with him to his appointment on Monday to see and photograph the contraption that he is strapped into before they radiate!  The mask goes over his face and down to his chest is made out of white mesh that he can see through.  It looks like it will be a really cool Halloween costume for one of his grand-kids when this is all over!  He is learning to use his prosthesis and talks really well!  No more pen and paper!

Whenever we visit my parents we always bring home lots of goodies.  This time we have enough pomegranates to set up a booth and sell them!  Now I need to find a good way to use them!  We won’t need to buy any fruit for at least a month!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and on to the craziness of the Christmas Holidays!  Happy Shopping!.  And, no I won’t be out on Thursday!  or Friday, probably won’t even get out until at least Monday!

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