Red, Red Wine

We had a fabulous week at Lake Siskiyou Campground and RV park on Lake Siskiyou.  Our friends, Janet and Tony, Kip and Pat, Ed and Peggy and our now new friends Tom and Leslie joined us for will definitely be a camp out that will be remembered fondly.

Every time this group gets together you just never know!  We golfed two days, laid around the beach (the water was just too cold to swim) ate way too much and of course there were the cocktails! This camp out will be remembered as the “Monkey got choked” outing!  How you ask?  Well because no one for 6 days could get that song out of their heads after Janet related it to the ages of 3 of the women, 53, 56, and 59!  It all happened around the campfire on our second evening and then the next day Tom googled it and found that it is a clapping song!  We thought it was a playground jumprope jingle!  Remember the playground, jumprope, hula hoop, chinese jumprope, cats cradle and that hand clapping thing we did?  Yep, we were all reliving our childhood, relearning that silly song.  Later in the week, Kip who is the singer in the group said he thought it was the same tune as Red, Red Wine and sure enough after googling that there is a version that has the part about the Monkey chewing tobacco and falling off the line!

So for anyone that can’t remember the jingle here it is!

3, 6, 9 the Goose drank wine, the monkey chewed the tobacco on the street care line and the line broke, the monkey got choked and the all went to heaven in a lil row boat.  Clap, Clap!

Now, try to get that out of your thoughts!



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