50K….and what it means

We just rolled the odometer past 50,000 miles on our Motorhome.  We bought it 6 years ago this month.  When we bought the RV it had 8,900 miles on it, so we have driven it 41,000 miles or 6,850 miles per year.  If you are thinking of all the fuel we have used or how much we have paid for fuel here is something to think about.  6,850 miles per year at 8 miles to the gallon is about 860 gallons of fuel a year.  That is less fuel than I used just to commute to downtown to work 5 days a week.

We have made two trips to the east coast, traveled from Florida to Maine and across to Montana.  We have been to the Olympic Peninsula, New Mexico and wound our way across the midwest a couple of times.  We have been up and down the West Coast seeing so much.  So as Paul and I both keep saying we use way less fuel than we did during our working lives and we get to see so much more!

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