We will remember this day! Make sure you read the WHOLE post!!!

Paul and I woke up in a Walmart Parking lot in Butte Montana, had breakfast and hit the road towards Yellowstone National Park.  Montana is a lot of open space and the smoke was still pretty thick so the scenery is not that special.  We did find a nice spot to stop along the Madison river.  We saw lots of fly fisherman in small boats nagivating the river.  Across from our little picnic area I spotted a large white spot that appeared to be moving.  We get out the binoculars and across the river is a very large bald eagle!  Very cool.  We also saw a lone antelope and a single deer eating along the road.

Our new home is along the banks of Henry’s Lake in a very nice state park where we will spend the Labor Day Weekend.

A very nice sunset

Sitting here, watching the lake and then the sunset we got the great news we have been waiting for all week!  We are HOMEOWNERS!  After over a year of searching and almost 7 months since our first offer on this house we finally got the keys at 5:30 pm!   We helped our girls buy a home in Campbell.  At several moments including earlier this week I thought it wasn’t going to really happen but it did!  Now the hard work begins!  Our girls will be living there and we will visit often


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  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Hey! Congrats on going back to the stick house mode! I hope you enjoy Yellowstone-Ray and I worked there for 6 months the first year we retired, and 7 weeks the second year…..It’s awesome!