Taking it easy

The last 5 days have been spent laying around the RV watching TV, resting and trying to get over a nasty cold!  The good news is the cold has finally moved along and I got to relax for 5 days on the shores of Flathead Lake near Kalispell Montana!

Flathead Lake

We arrived here on Thursday have watched the smoke engulf the mountains across the lake.  Montana is really not very beautiful now that the smoke is moving into the area.  Something good out of the lousy visibility is am the sun came up and looked awesome shining through the trees and on the lake as it peaked through the smoke.

View out my kitchen window at 7 am! The lake is right there, shimmering. Those are just weeds that are so bright yellow!

Looking south from the lake – total smoke!

In the five days here we have had to run the air conditioner and the heater!  The temps are dipping at night below 40!  I didn’t do any swimming, just relaxing!   Duke on the other hand didn’t understand why we would get up at 10 am, eat breakfast, check email and be back on the couch/bed resting before noon!  For 4 days!

He tries to play with us and brings us a different toy hoping one of them will get us up and moving!

An empty dog toy box!
Can you believe I keep his toys in a fancy Logenberger Basket?

Maybe he needs a playmate?  Something!  Toys are always everywhere!  Or maybe less toys?

Anyway,  the colds are gone, the smoke is increasing and we are moving south to Yellowstone today!  I sure hope we can see Old Faithful through all this smoke!

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