How do you choose your favorite?

National Parks, State Parks, City Parks, private RV parks, fancy RV Parks, parking lot type RV parks, Walmart parking lots, rest stops, fields, wind, rain, 100+ degrees, mosquitoes, flies, perfect weather, scary weather, big cities, little towns, great local foods, fireworks, lakes, rivers, creeks, family, friends, tours, getting lost, buying wine and jelly we didn’t really want, tourist attractions, little spots in the road. After over three months and about 8000 miles wandering this country, up the east coast, across the top through Canada into Michigan, to Oshkosh Wisconsin to see “the greatest airshow” into Minnesota, through the Dakotas and into Montana we have traveled as a mini caravan seeing as much as we could and enjoying great times together.  We traveled this great adventure with our friends Kip & Pat who today have headed back to California where they will resume their lives of leisure and catch up on some much needed rest.

Kip & Pat!

Last night we talked about what was our one favorite event in this journey and I have to say mine was traveling with you guys!  You have been so much fun.  I can’t believe you followed us for so long!  Lets do it again real soon!!!!  I miss you!

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