Nature at it’s best

It feels like we are at the top of the world as we travel along Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park,

Magnificent Mountains

So many “ahh” moments as we drove along the cliffs through this special place.  We stopped as often as there were pullouts and just stood there taking in the scenery.  This park is a hikers paradise but most visitors take it all in from the passenger seat of a vehicle or one of their tour buses that are convertible.

crystal clear mountain snow melt

We saw lots of waterfalls, lakes, snow, wildflowers and yes, we saw Grizzly Bears!  A mother and her two cubs were eating the Service Berries on the mountain side.  They were too far for picture taking but our binoculars gave us a nice half hour of watching these huge bears having a picnic!

Lunch Creek

They even have a place for humans to have a nice picnic lunch!  While here we got a view of a herd of Long horn sheep eating from the hillside.

Mountain Goats

These were the only wildlife willing to get close enough for a photo!  We also saw some later basking at the top of a waterfall but the camera was in the car!  We didn’t get to hike as time didn’t allow but this will be one we return to one day.



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