More beautiful beaches

We had a very nice Easter out here on the road in Florida.  We are still at Rocky Bayou SP and the weather is perfect.  Our plan for the day was to relax, enjoy a nice ham dinner and maybe enjoy the waters of the bay.  We found out the park rents kayaks so we decided (or I did!) that we could rent a couple, get out on the water and maybe see some nice wildlife.  Renting the kayaks was easy.  We loaded up with sunscreen, hats and water shoes and launched the kayaks into the water.   Next item is to get into the kayak and I was hoping not to look like such a beginner but no luck.  I almost rolled it but was lucky to make it into the seat and get myself situated so I could paddle.  Paul got right in and started paddling.  Immediately I realized I am not comfortable and this really hurts!   I almost turned back to the beach but I really want to learn to kayak so I kept trying to find a comfortable position.  These kayaks have no back support and you are basically sitting on a plastic board floating in the water!  I finally found a good position and off we go.  We have these kayaks for 2.5 hours and believe me this is way more than enough time.  We paddled along the shore into the bayou for about 25 minutes and find some shade to rest on  a small beach.  Paul rolls out of his kayak and says he has to stop as he is so cramped up.  By this time I had finally found a rhythm so I kept going.   I returned to Paul after awhile and we both had had enough with torturing our bodies so we began to paddle back.  At one point I told Paul we could swim and push the kayaks!  He had a better idea and went for shore and walked his for awhile along the sandy shore.  I kept paddling knowing that I was going to be in pain this evening.  We returned to the beach and turned our kayaks in after only 1.5 hours of fun!!!  I swam in the warm waters for awhile and then it was off to home, a nice warm shower and dinner!


PS.  Monday morning there was no pain!  So I think we will try it again.  Kayaking was pretty relaxing and so quiet out on the water

3 Responses to “More beautiful beaches”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    Love your travel log! Reading that you go back to visit SJ makes me wish I could do the same…I hope you visit my blog sometimes….

  2. Denise says:

    Pat, I do and I see you often on facebook. Happy travels

  3. Amy says:

    See why I never wanted to go kayaking! It’s too hard!