3 more states, but only one for our map

We left Louisana on Thursday afternoon and traveled through Mississippi and Alabama into Florida.  We hit the tunnel in Mobile about 5:30 pm, right in the middle of commute hour!  Exciting! One more night in a Walmart parking lot and now we are settled at Rocky Bayou State Park for the Easter weekend.  I have been to Florida before, twice and neither time did I get to see the Gulf Coast.  I keep telling everyone that will listen, these are the most beautiful beaches I have seen.  The water is crystal clear; the sand is snow white and the towns are definitely a vacation meca with high rise condimium complexes everywhere.   There are so many public beaches and they all look the same,  really white, really clear blue waters and they go on for miles.  And,  the water is really warm, warm enough for swimming in April even for me! Saturday we were going out to the gulf to enjoy the afternoon but along the way Paul spots an airplane display! Elgin AF Museum has lots of real planes on the lawns infront of the museum.  Sometimes I think there is a conspiracy going on against a nice relaxing day doing what I want!  I am wondering who in their right mind would put a big display of Air Force Planes right on the highway!  A man I am sure!

Yep, they are real!!

I was fascinated with how these missiles were attached! I have no idea why they are attached or what they do, but Paul can tell you!!!

Why is John Deere in the missile business?

After an hour of wandering among the planes, even Duke needs a rest

Paul loved looking at the planes, telling me what they were and how they were used and just admiring them.  Interesting when you are at a museum of this type you always run into someone that actually used the planes.  We met up with this guy that was giving his 12 year old grandson (I am guessing!)  the whole history lesson of WWII.  Paul learned something new and I was filled with even more information that I will never remember. The boy looked slightly interested and was asking a few questions but I am betting he was like me, watching his clock to be sure there was still going to be sunshine by the time we finally get to the beach!

FINALLY! Destin, Florida, rated #1 beach in my book! I love it here

PS:  The title of this post is referring to the fact that on our RV we have a map of the US that shows all the states we have visited. Our map shows only the states we actually slept in or did something in, therefore we have not been able to add Mississippi to our map.  We have traveled through 2 corners of the state, Northeast, Northwest, and across the bottom twice but we have never spent the night yet!  Alabama we already had on our map from when we went to Talladega for the race.

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