Fresh Salmon for dinner tonight

The sign says to go to Float 8 if you want fresh fish so off we go this morning.  Arriving at the dock we see the sign and proceed until we see a meat counter and then a guy gutting and fileting a really big fish.  He is cleaning a really large Salmon and I say “that’s the one I want!”  So the guy says “How much do you want?”  Quickly Paul says “1 lb”  The guy lays his knife on the filet and says “this much?”, slices it off and hands it to the girl to wrap and says this fish was swimming at 5 am this morning!  It was 1.7 lbs and cost me $26.00.  That is expensive for one meal but how cool is that to watch him filet it and then I get to buy it!

At home, I decide to freeze half and grill the rest for dinner.  Excellent!


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