A new state to add to our map, Washington

The sky is threatening to open up all day as we traveled inland through Oregon on our way to Camas, WA to see our Mesa friends, Gene & Kerri Manger.  We have been warning them since winter that we would visit them and they still gave us directions to their home!

We fit perfectly infront of there RV garage

The view from my front window

We will be spending 2 nights here before we move on to our summer spot in Westport, WA.  Kerri & Gene were excellent hosts and we spent our first evening chatting about Mesa and all the things we love and miss, especially the weather!  It is cold here in WA and very rainy.  Sunday morning we woke to even more rain but since it is our only day we set out to see some of the Columbia River Gorge.  We had been up the gorge many years ago on a business trip so some of it was familiar.  The gorge is huge and beautiful with amazing vistas, even in a rain storm.  We stopped at the Bonneville Dam.  We talked Paul out of the full dam tour.  We watched the Salmon run the ladder and that was pretty amazing, even little baby salmon were making their way upstream.

A turbine Blade for the generators

Bonneville Dam- a mini Niagara Falls!

We drove up the Washington side of the gorge, crossing at Bridge of the Gods and returning to Camas via Portland.  On the Oregon side there are lots of waterfalls to see along the steep rock wall that runs along the gorge.

Multnomah Falls

Cold & Beautiful

The rain just would not let up so we headed back to town and Lunch!  Returning to Camas we found a great restaurant on the waterfront, The Beaches.  A great place for lunch or dinner and the views are great too.  We even got a free dessert because they sent Pauls soup (his lunch) out before our meals!  This dessert was too big for the 4 of us to finish.  Decadent Chocolate layer cake with Ice Cream and B-52 sauce!  And then when the waitress brought our bills she brings them in her comment book!  What a cool idea, you get to comment on your experience and you can read what others have written.
Monday morning we woke to skies that were promising a perfect day!

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