Port Orford, Oregon

This is our second trip to Port Orford to see our friends Ed & Peggy.  Port Orford is a sleepy little town north of Golds Beach on the Oregon Coast.  Ed & Peggy have called it home since retiring from San Jose a few years ago.  We arrived around 4 pm to the RV park and quickly set up and then it was up the hill to their home.  We were suppose to have fresh crab but Paul happened to see the “Free Soup” night put on by the volunteer fire department!  The crab was put on ice and we all went to the hall for Turkey noodle, beef stew, or beef barley soup along with salad and some delicious homemade desserts!  It was all you could eat and Paul was in heaven!

Port Orford has a great beach for Agate hunting and Eddie is an expert.  He has several hundred pounds of beautifully polished Agates that he has found on the beach.  I wanted to learn how to hunt for Agates so he picked me up Wednesday am and off to the beach we went.  He warned me that it gets cold and today they were predicting rain.  He also said you get wet and the way to get to the good Agates was by way of his jeep, that by the way has no brakes, windows or seat-belts!  This is going to be so much fun….

Bundled up and ready to go!

The beach is only 5 minutes away so I am thinking this is a piece of cake.  We head to the beach but when we get there Eddie points the jeep down this cliff, through the weeds and sand making our way onto the beach.  But then when we get there we start heading down the beach for about 2 miles before he stops.  We get out of the jeep and he hands me my tools for the hunt, a spoon on the end of a hand carved stick!  I am to use this to scrap the gravel and look for Agates!  Agates can be very small or larger than a golf ball.  They all look like gravel to me but after a while I get the hang of it and actually find some agates myself!

I found some!

Wait till we polish them

It was quite the experience and after 2 hours I was wet from splashing in the waves trying to find the perfect Agate that we decided to head home. Eddie usually stays all day on the beach looking for the perfect find.

In the afternoon I met Peggy at the quilt shop and got an introduction into the costs of these quilts that are so beautiful!  I am making my first real quilt that is called The Hidden Nine Patch with fabric that is called Basicgrey Layer Cakes!  It is all very technical!  I started cutting and sewing Wednesday afternoon and then on Thursday Peggy & I spent the day at the quilt shop quilting!  I didn’t finish the quilt as it will take me awhile but when I do it will definitely get a page in my blog!!!

Dinner  Wednesday was the fresh crab and it was fabulous!  And then we watched American Idol!  I love watching that show and find Steven Tyler fascinating.

After our long day at the shop quilting Peggy made us a wonderful dinner again!  Latin Pork Stew.  It was a new recipe and I thought it sounded wonderful except I noticed there were sweet potatoes in the recipe and Paul won’t eat sweet potatoes!  I told Peggy to not tell him as they look just like russet potatoes once she diced them up.  Everything was going great, no one was mentioning the dreaded ingredient until I noticed he was eating them!  I open my big mouth, tell him what he is eating and then he can’t eat them!!!  He tried but he just couldn’t!  We laughed and talked about what foods we just can’t eat.  Meatloaf is mine.

Filled with great food and some nice wine it was time for the American Idol results show.  I was way wrong on this one!  I was sure James was going to win the whole thing but then I guess America is with me and Heavy Metal just isn’t main street.  My new pick is Lauren but wouldn’t it be fun if Haley wins after her rocky start of being in the bottom three so many weeks!  She does have an amazing voice and I enjoy watching her perform.


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