A beautiful, cold day in Reno.  Amy, Stephanie and Nick arrived safely in Reno on Wednesday afternoon.  We had an awesome day on Thursday with Turkey and way too much food.  Albert, Paul’s brother-in-law  was our host for the day along with Sarah and Erick, Paul’s niece and nephew.  Paul’s nephew, Justin from North Carolina is stationed in Fallon, NV for the month with the navy so we picked him up to join us for the weekend. 

Over the RV Park, Thanksgiving am

Stephanie & Paul before the feast

Duke enjoyed the turkey also

Amy & Nick

Happy Thanksgiving

It was so cold in Nevada and Snow was threatened for Saturday so we all decided it was time to head back to California on Friday.  We arrived in Placerville about 5 pm and were about to get settled in for a week with my girlfriend and her family when Paul pulled into the field on the approach to the RV pad and…….

Here sits my home for 2 days

Trying to free our home

That was on Friday evening!  The RV was stuck, it was so muddy, and it was dark so we opted to spend the night in the house where it was level and dry.  Saturday brought more rain so we left the RV in the pasture after Paul raised the wheels up out of the mud and leveled it so we could get the bedroom slide out to get to our clothing –  we stayed in the house another night and on Sunday it was dry enough that Paul was able to bring it back out onto the pavement.  We are staying in the driveway with an extension cord for power,  but the house is very close and convenient.

It is so much warmer here and we are enjoying life.

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