Working for a living! WHY?

We made it through another week.  Our commitment here is 40 hours a week working four 10 hour days and so far we have not worked that much.  Our first day this week was a STRESS TEST day where all 4 shifts would overlap 4 hours to run all the systems and see how everything performs.  When we arrived on Wednesday they had so many people they didn’t have enough equipment or whatever and asked for volunteers to go home.  We worked 1 hour!  Up at 6 am, go through the routine of making lunch, walking the dog and arriving to clock in by 7 am only to get to go home by 8 am!  Oh well, I made very good use of the day by going shopping and spending several hundred dollars!  But, my Christmas shopping is almost finished.

We did work full 10 hour days the rest of the week.  Yesterday was really hard as by 9 am I had an awful kink in my back and was having a really difficult time standing there scanning the books we were packing.  A trip to Safety and then to the EMT office and I was back on the line by 11 am to finish my shift.  Our team packed over 8,000 books for charity.  At the end of the day the supervisor told us we exceeded our goal and he was very excited.  Not bad for 5 retirees, one with back issues and all working the last leg of their 40 hour work week! 

Oh, and then we get the good news that this following week we get to work mandatory overtime!  4 hours on Monday, one of our days off.   This is great.  Keep ordering and we will keep packing!

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