You would not believe…

We have worked 3 days in the FC(Fulfillment Center) and as promised it is a very busy place with some cool equipment.  We don’t get to operate the equipment but still.  So far we have packed merchandise to be destroyed and packaging of items for shipment.  Paul is loving it now that we have worked on the line and it is not boring!  Our first 1 1/2 days were pretty slow with them trying to figure out where we will work.  Our second and third day we spent working in Tekho (Toys, Electronics, Kitchen, household and other)  The other is definitely interesting!  I have seen some things that I didn’t know existed.   People will order anything- toothpaste! REALLY!

So far I haven’t packed a package for one of you, but I did pack two for someone in San Jose so keep ordering and who knows.


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